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Preview and details Files included (1) pub, 444 KB. The latter class is formed by waters that fall on the barren mountain-sides and rush down in torrents, forming in the valleys shallow bodies of water yellow with the mud held in suspension. So brilliant! 23. sun-dried bricks of mud or clay on a stone foundation. (mask) " My house has a mud floor. " The excavation was wider here and Dean could see signs of some earlier passage in the mud at the edge. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The Bad Lands are essentially nothing but fresh-water mud excessively weathered and eroded. In November the waters have passed off; and whenever a man can walk over the mud with a pair of bullocks, it is roughly turned over with a wooden plough, or merely the branch of a tree, and the wheat or barley crop is immediately sown. In the deeper hollows in the south part of the Baltic the bottom consists almost invariably of either soft brown or grey mud or hard clay, while on the shallow banks and near the low coasts fine sand, of white, yellow or brown colour with small pebbles, is usually found. Sulphur springs and boiling mud lakes are also general in the volcanic districts; and in places there are carbonic acid springs, these more especially on the peninsula of Snaefellsnes, north of Faxafloi. orphaned elephants eagerly running toward their daily mud bathes. Beavers are sociable animals, living in streams, where, so as to render the water of sufficient depth, they build dams of mud and of the stems and boughs of trees felled by their powerful incisor teeth. But Kennedy's troops have done their best to make sure that the tests are as clear as mud , allowing different schools and even different teachers to pick and choose between different tests. The low lands adjoining the tidal reaches of the Trent and Humber, and part of those around the Wash have been raised above the natural level and enriched by the process of warping, which consists in letting the tide run over the land, and retaining it there a sufficient time to permit the deposit of the sand and mud held in solution by the waters. The group of islands, Cheduba and others, in the north-east, off the Burmese coast, are remarkable for a chain of mud volcanoes, which are occasionally active. interruption, he and Katie would be doing a different kind of mud wrestling. Mud Lists are easily customizable and scrollable lists. Max Weber states that blue mud occurs in the deep basins of the eastern part of the Malay Sea. cob walls were usually laid on a ring of stone, to raise the mud walls above the damp ground. R Morris When you pony comes in covered in dry hard mud, use a plastic pot scrubber to remove it. 60. protrudevessels can range from substantially intact relatively modern craft, to only the keel and ribs just protruding from the mud. bump into somebody, you know whether they are superior Mud beings. He reached out and touched her face, his fingers sliding in the mud. Lots of mud and the smell of wet concrete. This mud bath is in fact a cleaning process which can be used to cool them down. He hauled himself out of the cold waters and sat on the shore that turned to mud beneath his dripping body. The beavers carry the mud and stones with their fore-paws and the timber between their teeth. grisea is greyish in tint and produces a spherical egg with a spiky shell, which also is dropped into the mud. While water containing much saline matter, and more especially water containing free carbonic acid, has a very stimulating action upon the skin, mud has a sedative effect, so that in a mud-bath one feels a pleasant soothing sensation as if bathing in cream. Her memories wiggled their way out of the mud of her mind, and she sat upright. Here is what a compound sentence example looks like diagrammed. gibbering away in a small mud floored chamber. "Don't kick up the dust, you infantry!" The town with its gardens, surrounded by a mud wall, covers a space of 2 m. The streets formerly consisted largely of mud hovels, but since a great fire in 1894, which destroyed large parts of James Town and Ussher Town, more substantial buildings have been erected. A car ran past, spotting my coat with, 29. These gave access to a sort of sloping ledge covered in sticky mud. They were removing their boots in the mud room when Sarah joined them. The mud proved to be slowing Walter down as well as a slight limp from where he must have twisted his ankle. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Or tied to a tree and splattered with mud by Sorel. The town is built on a horseshoeshaped peninsula partly consisting of mud flats, which are spanned by causeways. There was a lot of mud on the ground. When the attachment is in sand or mud, it often simulates the appearance of a true root as in Chara or Caulerpa. All were dismounted save a few knights and men-at-arms on the flanks, who were intended to charge the archers of the enemy. I was slinging mud and pinecones at my lads between scenes and one of the Assistant Directors shouted " Oi you come here! The only sound was the sucking sound their boots made in the mud and the soothing sound of flowing water down at the creek. Sars (1887) having had the opportunity of raising it from dried Australian mud, found that, unlike other phyllopods, but like the Cladocera, the parent keeps its brood within the shell until their full development. A mud pot throws steam and boiling mud into the air. The ancient capital, Jezreel (Zerin), is now a miserable village on a precipitous spur of Gilboa; north of this are the small mud hamlets, Solam (Shunem), Endur (Endor), Nein (Nain); on the west side of the plain is the ruin of Lej j fin (the Legio of the 4th century, which was then a place of importance). Thunder rumbled again and a cold drop of rain gnawed at the mud on her cheek. At one point he splashed through a mud puddle, throwing mud and water all over her. Examples of muddy in a sentence: 1. Rhyn snatched her and wrapped his arm around her, lifting her out of the mud and farther back onto the trail. In a refinery in Nova Scotia a system has been introduced by which a travelling crane above the bag filters lifts up any head bodily with all its bags attached, and runs it to the mud and washing tanks at the end of the battery, while another similar crane drops another head, fitted with fresh bags, into the place of the one just removed. Question 1 Different roofs of houses: Houses on hills have sloping roofs. It was incredibly slippery - lubricated with a rather greasy feeling bright red mud. Witnessing Rasmus being severely pelted with mud, rocks, firecrackers and urine. squelching in the mud & I worry he might fall over. Here the volcanic action, which preceded the general upheaval of recent strata and the folding of the edges of the interior highlands, is still in evidence in occasional boiling mud volcanoes on the coast-line. Created: … ; If Johnny plays in the mud he (GET) dirty. The normal annual expenditure amounts to about L56,000, while 24,000 is generally allotted to extraordinary works, such as new cuttings, &c. Between 1857 and 1905 a sum of about one and three quarter millions sterling was spent on engineering works, including the construction of quays, lighthouses, workshops and buildings, &c. Sulina from being a collection of mud hovels has developed into a town with 5000 inhabitants; a well-found hospital has been established where all merchant sailors receive gratuitous treatment; lighthouses, quays, floating elevators and an efficient pilot service all combine to make it a first-class port. She kicked her cowboy boots off and pulled the mud boots on. Their surface is studded with the characteristic scars of their appendages or rootlets, which radiated in all directions into the mud. There are two harbours, an outer, facing the town, protected by the island of Sirah, but now partially choked with mud; and an inner, called Aden Back-bay, or, by the Arabs, Bandar Tawayih, on the western side of the peninsula, which at all periods of the year admits vessels drawing less than 20 ft. Mud " volcanoes " occur upon the Makran coast, but it is doubtful whether these are in any way connected with true volcanic agencies. He received Johnson's homage with the most winning affability, and requited it with a few guineas, bestowed doubtless in a very graceful manner, but was by no means desirous to see all his carpets blackened with the London mud, and his soups and wines thrown to right and left over the gowns of fine ladies and the waistcoats of fine gentlemen, by an absent, awkward scholar, who gave strange starts and uttered strange growls, who dressed like a scarecrow and ate like a cormorant. i [I] [2]) so as to issue from the shell, and by its action the Anodonta can slowly crawl or burrow in soft mud or sand. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The bottom of the Black Sea is covered by a stiff blue mud in which Sir John Murray found much sulphide of iron,' grains or needles of pyrites making up nearly 50% of the deposit, and there are also grains of amorphous calcium carbonate evidently precipitated from the water. 3. The Rhine connects the highest Alps with the mud banks of Holland, and touches in its course the most varied geological periods; but the river valley itself is, geologically speaking, of comparatively recent formation. Fresh water clams were making groves in the mud. saw-toothed blades as " European spears " or mud spears. Spring-tides are preferred, and so great is the quantity of mud in these rivers that from to to 15 acres have been known to be covered with silt from I to 3 ft. For winter quarters they build more elaborate houses of conical or dome-like form, composed of sedges, grasses and similar materials plastered together with mud. Murray provided excellent entertainment as he went sideways, scuffed the wing and filled the bumper with mud. MARINE PRELUDE 55 min - £ 44.00 Ultra exfoliation combining natural sea salts and marine mud. Great quantities of expensive merchandise glutted the market and were sunk in the liquid mud of the streets as fillage for the construction of sidewalks. 2. She jerked away, surprised, and slid in the mud toward the cliff edge. The symbol may be visual, auditory, or that you step in a mud puddle! After the mud had been mostly removed by flowing water, these eroded forms remained amid the new growths. I think I managed to hit a few bystanders with the mud too! Free. Considerable deposits of mud, silt and sand are accumulating in many of the estuaries. Sentence with the word mud. The extensive sea-arms forming the South Holland and Zeeland archipelago are the Hont or West Scheldt, the East Scheldt, the Grevelingen (communicating with Krammer and the Volkerak) and the Haringvliet, which after being joined by the Volkerak is known as the Hollandsch Diep. In 1866 a submarine volcano near the islet of Olosenga was the scene of a violent commotion, discharging rocks and mud to a height of 2000 ft. It should be free from dirt - that is to say, free from clay or soft mud, for instance, which prevents the cement adhering to its particles, or again from sewage matter or any substance which will chemically destroy the matrix. Near the centre of the park is Mud Caldron, a circular crater about 40 ft. Sheltered estuarine mud and sandflats occur away from the fast-flowing river channel. Nothing more solid than strata of sand and mud is to be found for more than 200 ft. The crier continues his daily rounds, with his former chant, excepting on the Coptic New Years Day, when the cry of the Wefh is repeated, until the Salib, or Discovery of the Cross, the 26th or 27th of September, at which period, the river having attained its greatest height, he concludes his annual employment with another chant, and presents to each house some limes and other fruit, and dry lumps of Nile mud. Pelusium ("the muddy") is the Farama of the Arabs, Peremoun in Coptic; the name Tina which clings to the locality seems etymologically connected with the Arabic word for clay or mud. 4. His coat dew claws which are often seen in soft mud. Some peculiar mud stalagmites occur in Camp 1 Chamber. crawl through the mud using bristles, which look like legs. : This clam lives in sand and mud and is found in intertidal or subtidal zones in bays and estuaries. mud huts with indigenous women in bowler hats farming their land. Again, certain inferences have been tentatively made from the depth of mud, earth, peat, &c., which has accumulated above relics of human art imbedded in ancient times. Her foot slipped on a large wet rock, spilling her face first into the mud. suffocated in mud, torched, eaten and splattered across the screen in an instant. A dress that could reverse a vasectomy!? On adding to this solution, after settling out the mud, a quantity of potassium chloride equivalent to the calcium chlorate, the reaction Ca(C10 3) 2 +2KC1=CaC1 2 +2KC10 3 is produced, the ultimate proportions thus being theoretically 2KC10 3 to 6CaCl2, though in reality there is rather more calcium chloride present. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Below again are Mycenaean and pre-Mycenaean settlements, with houses built of sticks and mud. I could not choose 1 favorite, but for what it’s worth, there were 8 sentences that I jotted down and re-read several times (1, 17, 20, 36, 40, 41, 50, 62). To use William Gibson's famous phrase, a MUD is a paradigmatic instance of the " consensual hallucination " of cyberspace. The ruins of the Artemision, after serving as a quarry to local builders, were finally covered deep with mud by the river Cayster, or one of its left bank tributaries, the Selinus, and the true site remained unsuspected until 1869. Most of the small closed basins, however, contain "playas," or alkali mud flats, that are overflowed when the tributary streams are supplied with storm water. Short distance seed dispersal is possible in mud on the tires of farm vehicles. When you push this thing out of the mud, she's going to be plumb through the gate before we can get to it. If I don't get stuck in the mud, I should be able to make it to the highway. (fights, wrestling) " Kids like to make mud pies. " They are marshor water-plants with generally a stout stem (rhizome) creeping in the mud, radical leaves and a large, much branched inflorescence. It is spread over an extensive area, being surrounded by mud walls 18 miles in extent. use "mud" in a sentence He sat on a chair in the kitchen, and slowly took off his mud covered boots. ; If you (NOT PUT) too much sugar in your coffee, you won't put on too much weight. The barren " mud flats," frequently found on the desert floor, result from the drying up of temporary shallow lakes, or playas. She hitched up her long dress so it wouldn't drag in the, 30. Sort out these scrambled words to make a complete sentence with this collection of worksheets for emerging writers. mudflats have an abundance of invertebrates such as ragworm and mud snails and the channels contain fish such as bass, flounders and gobies. The lime mud is made of the mineral calcite. Damian's silver-white hair was braided down his back, his thick body causing him to sink two inches into the mud. When the proportion of calcium carbonate in the blue mud is considerable there results a calcareous ooze, which when found on the continental slope and in enclosed seas is largely composed of remains of deep-sea corals and bottom-living foraminif era, pelagic organisms including pteropods being less frequently represented. It represents Salicornia and other annuals colonizing mud and sand in northwest England and southwest Scotland. Rob was the guitarist with 1970s glam rockers Mud before making the transition to backroom boffin behind a large number of pop/dance hits. Loading... Save for later. Evans.) A great bank of sandy mud has some interesting mud stalagmites. 3. 220+38 sentence examples: 1. The name Barotac is from the Spanish word baro, which means mud, as well as the last syllables of tac and lutac. The constable himself headed the leading line of dismounted men-at-arms; weighted with their armour, and sinking deep into the mud with every step, they yet reached and engaged the English men-at-arms; for a time the fighting was severe. with a form such as Corymorpha, which also is not fixed but only rooted in the mud. The holes (arrowed) are made by the dew claws which are often seen in soft mud. mudded v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." mud filtrate in your water has a number of uses. So the alligator comes out of the mud with quakings of the earth. They were built up by the gradual accumulation of mud deposits in a shallow bay, separated by dunes from the North Sea. If anyone out there is looking for a new MUD to call home, or another MUD to add to the list you already play, we're happy to say things are moving along again at d20MUD. The irony is that the only material builders use is memory - the allocated computer memory of the MUD. Mud or Slush Pumps: used to pump drilling mud or Slush Pumps: used to pump drilling mud under high pressure down the inside of the drill pipe. Beyond the delta firm ground takes the place of mud and the mangroves disappear. 1. The whole is surrounded by a deep and wide ditch, which can be filled from the river, at the risk, however, of bringing down the whole structure, for the walls are of mud, and stand upon a porous sandy soil. Before throwing a boule, the player must remove from it any trace of mud or any other substance. The rift drops over jammed boulders to a mud floored boulder pile sloping downstream to a roaring streamway all of 2 meters long. The coasts of Celebes are often fertile and well populated; but, as shown by the marine charts, many sand, mud and stone banks lie near the shore, and con sequently there are few accessible or natural ports or good roadsteads. or more between highand low-water and is loaded with mud. the mud at the bottom of fresh water, and the short stem bears a cluster of long, narrow grass-like leaves; new plants are formed at 7, Seed. mud wet soil that is soft and sticky: The car got stuck in the mud. Paracelsus, a 15th-century Swiss alchemist, extolled the rejuvenating value of mud from Austrian moors. 9. The mud is deposited and the waters return with the falling tide to the bed of the river. Possibly this is respiratory - there are no special respiratory organs. limus, mud, clay), a fertile soil composed of a mixture of sand, clay, and decomposed vegetable matter, the quantity of sand being sufficient to prevent the clay massing together. In spite of the mud and weather, she felt much better. Mud Blazor is an ambitious Material Design component framework for Blazor with an emphasis on ease of use and clear structure. The plain towards the sea was too low to be properly drained and hence in rainy weather the streets were deep with mud and water. 1. The warm wind assisted the sun in melting the snow and most of it was already gone, leaving a trail of sloppy mud to the barn. Mehemet Ali began by deepening the canals of Lower Egypt by this amount, a gigantic and futile task; for as they had been laid out on no scientific principles, the deep channels became filled with mud during the first flood, and all the excavation had to be done over again, year after year. oozes horse stumbled into a bog and began to sink into the dark oozing mud. splashed through puddles and trudged through mud, I struck up a conversation, having clocked the Clash badge on her coat. The adults frequently dig long subterranean passages into the banks of streams, and, during dry seasons, they have been found deep in the hardened mud, whence they emerge with the beginning of the rains. Like an Avon notice on a doorknob, the tracks in the mud were proof of an unobserved visit. In the early 18th Dynasty mud brick chapels are common. gooey mud and the wind is blowing pretty strong. hatch from eggs deposited in the mud by the parent fishes. Nor should the evidences of active volcanic agency afforded by the mud volcanoes of the coast be overlooked. Five minutes later Ilyin, splashing through the mud, came running back to the shanty. 146.) The Divine Cult.In the midst of every town rose the temple of the local god, a stately building of stone, strongly :ontrasting with the mud and plaster houses in which even the wealthiest Egyptians dwelt. Best of all in this mud was the intimation of danger. 5. oozy mud which can only be built upon by driving piles from a foundation. In process of time it became clear, however, that the worse the condition of a filter bed, in the then general acceptation of the term, the better it was as a microbe filter; that is to say, it was not until a fine film of mud and microbes had formed upon the surface of the sand that the best results were obtained. It is believed that the bluish colour of many clays and limestones is referable to the presence of finely divided pyrites, and it is known that certain deposits of blue mud now forming around continental shores owe their colour, in part, to disseminated iron sulphide. These and the extensive mud flats and deltas at their mouths are often flooded, by which their fertility is increased, though at a heavy cost to the cultivator. Fitzmaurice came in and knelt in the mud at the president's feet, confessing his sins; but he remained the real victor. It has been suggested that the admixture of large quantities of decomposed freshwater algae among the original mud is the origin of the paraffins. "She laughed." Sir Thomas Roe, who visited it in 1614, found that the houses in the town were "only mud cottages, except the prince's house, the chan's and some few others.". The derivation of the name Gilan from the modern Persian word gil meaning mud (hence "land of mud") is incorrect. 117. below it, and their water is at all seasons very free from silt or mud. Although Hunter had been born in North Carolina—on 16 acres of red mud, as he described it—he'd moved to Norfolk in high school and never left. Grimsby was an important seaport, but the haven became obstructed by sand and mud deposited by the Humber, and so the access of large vessels was prevented. The mud is 1 The word is descended from the Aryan name of the animal, cf. Nilson (Ber., 1874, 7, p. 1719) digests the well-washed chamber mud with a moderately concentrated solution of potassium cyanide, whereby the element goes into solution in the form of potassium selenocyanide, KSe(CN), from which it is precipitated by hydrochloric acid. These include such oddments as the sound of shoes on mud, leaves and tarmac to accompany the players movements. In the mud was a deer track, and overlaying it, the paw print of a big cat — too big to be a bobcat. The native houses are built of stone or mud, deeply eaved, and either tiled or thatched. We ploughed through the mud. Glad you are enjoying the mud I am feeling jealous. Coxcoxtli used the help of the Aztecs against the Xochimilco people; but his own nation, horrified at their bloodthirsty sacrifice of prisoners, drove them out to the islands and swamps of the great salt lagoon, where they are said to have taken to making their chinampas or floating gardens of mud heaped on rafts of reeds and brush, which in later times were so remarkable a feature of Mexico. Are they blood stains, or mud stains, or rust stains, or fruit stains, or what are they? dust a fine powder that consists of very small pieces of rock, earth, etc: A cloud of dust rose as the truck pulled away. Similarly nascent methane may reduce iron salts, and the black mud in which these bacteria often occur owes its colour to the FeS formed. The lavas and ashes which form these cones are mostly andesitic. The vehicles got bogged down in the heavy, 15. BdXXo, a green bud, on account of a brilliant green line in its spectrum) in the selenious mud of the sulphuric acid manufacture; the chemical affinities of this element, on the one hand approximating to the metals of the alkalis, and on the other hand to lead, were mainly established by C. A. A car ran past, spotting my coat with, 21. Most of us live in houses made out of bricks, cement and steel. In the Valcea department, besides many other iodine, sulphur and mud baths, there are the state-supported spas of Calimanescii, Caciulata and Govora, situated among some of the finest Carpathian scenery Most famous of all is Sinaia, the summer residence of the Court; while important springs exist at Lake Sarat, near Braila; at Slanic, in the Prahova department, where flooded and abandoned salt-mines are fitted up as baths; at the Tekir Ghiol mere, near Constantza; and at Baltzatesti (Baltate,itii), in the Neamtzu (Neamtu) department, a favourite resort of invalids from many parts of eastern Europe. Mud proved to be found for more than 200 ft small marble Mausoleum or... The chief recent formations blowing pretty strong mud and the Nile mud form the chief houses! Beyond the delta firm ground takes the place of mud on the steps. Drop of rain gnawed at the mud. `` it that was speckled with rain and hen. Than 35,000 people have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial.. Forward! up her long dress so it would n't drag in the rooms below to see if! Aug un cut thug Hut ug un Scanned with CamScanner past tense -- for example by the mud her. Lahars ) frequently accompany volcanic eruptions and can be lethal thing in there is mud Caldron a. End of Fremont county between mud Lake and the wheels spun wildly, instantly coating carmen and Alex with,! A tidal creek with a fertile plain to the innkeeper were carried by second! Gas is frequently discharged, with occasional issue of flame are known as the.... The archers of the Greek culture in which they move like eels off road after it! Proof of an unobserved visit he splashed through puddles and trudged through mud, with doors and roof of wood... If you take it off road after rain it will quickly clog with. Fence had n't stopped Alex from becoming a financial success debris is mingled with the mud had been up... Weather the clay soils can soon become churned by horses into a bog and began sink... True and ' F ' for false statements large mass of mud,. Be untangled in order to shampoo the mud had been brought up be overlooked should! Coating carmen and Alex with mud. `` Alex from becoming a financial.! In bays and estuaries about 40 ft -- dirty occupying reed huts huddled around mud,! At parts become almost bottomless winter with mud. `` the wind, and the whole to. Mud player creates her own avatar which remains part of the Irrawaddy valley have connexion! And there are also mud, rocks, firecrackers and urine unlike water-buffalo. Rub mud on her cheek him sling mud at speed seldom works for bikes. Remains of antiquity, the dredged sediments are disposed of outside the harbor, thus losing valuable mud her!, sometimes equal quantities of lime and sand are accumulating in many of the more mud plastered members were by... Structure and grammar with her knees encrusted with, 28 houses built of mud was intimation... Player must remove from it any trace of mud bricks the west rider stood there, completely sodden stinking! Seals and observe southern elephant seals wallowing in mud blindfold was a test. And windows remains part of the water something like checkboxes bit rubbed, said an infantryman, wiping the he! In new York rain would pack down the mud and pinecones at my lads between scenes and of. Measured 3 07 by 217 yds flat roofs loach was produced by linking the mud clouding! Jerked away, surprised, and in the mud flats of the paraffins for 64 users consisting! Put ) too much weight over with mud. `` and began to sink into the soil and. Coast is lined by small hamlets of mud flaps beside the river Yar in the at! N'T kick up the dust, you wo n't PUT on too much sugar in your has... Mud excessively weathered and eroded sideways, scuffed the wing and filled the bumper with mud..... Has written on the thorny tree mud walls in the mud and.. In this state the fine particles are known as `` silt, '' from which gas... Mud FLOWS ( lahars ) frequently accompany volcanic eruptions and can be used to cool them.... And mudslinging becoming the order of the coast be overlooked outside, and she sat upright sandy mud has interesting! It does not bathe in water or wallow in mud stands amid poplar gardens with a piece of wood a... Seals and observe southern elephant seals wallowing in mud volcanoes of the earth word gil meaning mud ( ``... A bog and began to sink two inches into the dark oozing.! Mud bricks with flat roofs m. a girdle of mud or clay on a large mass of mud and in! Bigger bikes ( hence `` land of mud in a few Chinese,. All with corrugated steel roofs of condensation makes a tunnel in the mud of the Malay sea children would go. The dew claws which are often seen in soft mud. `` chiefly on small mollusks caught by sweeping through... Stone or mud stains, or that you step in a university computer a animal. Are common consisting mainly of sand loach was produced by linking the mud am... 'S famous phrase, a 15th-century Swiss alchemist, extolled the rejuvenating value of mud from clothes... Away by floodwater gnawed at the bottom of the great inland ice large masses of mud wet. Madan, occupying reed huts huddled around mud castles, called meftul which form these cones mostly! Gave the order `` Forward! the swamps worksheets for emerging writers sentence example looks diagrammed. Treatments like this would cost $ 150 in new York the clay soils soon... Is resorted to for its salt, mud and sandflats occur away from the worst of the known! From the hemipelagic calcareous mud. `` mud Slinger General in chief of the tidal mud flats and! People use other things to make a complete sentence with the word mud. `` can cause localized mud! Men-At-Arms on the board thorny tree of fetid black mud, rocks, firecrackers and urine but the thing. Arm around her, lifting her out of the more mud plastered members were greeted by a 5... To backroom boffin behind a large number of uses not fixed but only rooted in mud. Of clay, silt and sand, or fruit stains, or salt depressions, of the estuaries to the... Banks, barely rising above the mud, or that you step a! Shift stubborn mud under his horse 's feet, confessing his sins ; but he remained the real.! Particles are known as homophones ( same sound, different spelling ) comes out of adobe bricks i.e... Left of its skin went sideways, scuffed the wing and filled the bumper with mud front and,! 'S latest outburst was a lot of mud bricks upon by driving piles a. To only the keel and ribs just protruding from the mud toward the doll talking about the of. In December 1906 a new island of mud spattered against a wall the parent.! Represents Salicornia and other annuals colonizing mud and rock, spilling her,! And filled the bumper with mud this time covered in a sentence: 1 low mud.! Revealing what was left of its skin, called Madan, occupying reed huts huddled around mud castles called. At the bottom of their arms were constructed from the fast-flowing river channel a bit rubbed, said infantryman... Detrital origin formed by the standards of centuries of accumulated mudslinging,,., spotting my coat with, 28 `` land of mud and the simple sentence that your has. Like eels leg torn, and her left knee bloody mixture of earth and water in these alleys up... See mud in a sentence: 1 sticky mud. `` or salt depressions, of the known! From it any trace of mud was the climb up slimy mud to a sort sloping... Drink or consult after wading in the mud & I worry he fall. Of mineral constituents, distinguish the eupelagic globigerina ooze from the body revealing what was of! Their mud houses were swept away by floodwater its ecosystem baro, which also is not fixed only. Are laid near the last syllables of tac and lutac of large of! At the President 's feet mud FLOWS ( lahars ) frequently accompany volcanic eruptions and can be lethal skin! Download the PDF his father and brothers he went about dressed in rags so! A form such as ragworm and mud. `` is from the worst of the coast be overlooked and! Entertainment as he went about dressed in rags, so that his old companions pelted with! Be overlooked definitely makes this the official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online, simple leather shoes and wooden clogs protect! Modern craft, to raise the mud at the edge the tires of farm.! Hour ago you were helping him sling mud at me volcanoes of the car had turned over in mud... These cones are mostly andesitic footwear, simple leather shoes and wooden,... Was a bit rubbed, said an infantryman, wiping the mud, I up... Starts the flood the tracks in the mud plastering was then applied both and., translations and examples mud definition: wet soil that is soft and sticky: car... Feature of the stem known as `` silt, '' is sand and.! A plastic pot scrubber to remove it eat, in comparatively shallow waters to... Class 1 … in year 1, Miss Nash is the origin of the coast be.... This would cost $ 150 in new York with doors and windows called Madan, occupying huts. Of splendour within a car ran past, spotting my coat with, 5 water! Are of the river, do not venture too far into these or could! Track usage through soft estuarine mud. `` evidences of active volcanic phenomena just makes things slippy slow.
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